SmarterMail Setup Guide for iOS

SmarterMail works great on iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod. This guide will walk you through the necessary setup instructions and settings to configure your Custom Fit Online mail account on your iOS device.

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Choose Your Connection Protocol

The first thing you will want to do is choose your server connection protocol. Your options are POP and IMAP. To learn more about the differences between POP and IMAP, check out our article: In a Nutshell - Understanding the POP & IMAP Email Protocols

Server Connection Settings

These are the server connections settings you will need. Keep them handy!

Incoming Mail Server
Host Name: mail.customfithosting.com
User Name: {your full email address}
Password: {your account password}
Port: 995 for POP, 993 for IMAP
SSL: Enabled 

Outgoing Mail Server
Host Name: mail.customfithosting.com
User Name: {your full email address}
Password: {your account password}
Port: 465 for both POP or IMAP
SSL: Enabled

Configuring the iOS Mail App

Start by closing unnecessary apps. You can do this by double-clicking your device's Home button and swipe up on any app you wish to close.

From your home screen, open the Settings app and scroll down to Mail, Contact, Calendars and tap it. Existing mail accounts will be listed here as well as an option to create a new account. Tap the Add Account button.

A list of common email providers is displayed. At the bottom, you will see 'Other'. Tap that button, then on the following screen tap Add Mail Account.

iOS New AccountEnter your Name, Email and Password. Optionally you may edit the Description. When filled out, tap Next.

You will now be prompted to choose between POP and IMAP. Select the protocol which best suits your needs. Now it's time to fill in your account settings. Using the settings listed above, fill in all details for both the Incoming Mail Server and the Outgoing Mail Server. Be sure to include your full email address and password for both areas. When complete, tap the Next button.

iOS Account Settings The iOS Mail app will now attempt to authenticate the information you provided. You will see this is in-progress by looking at the top of your screen. A swirling icon along with the text 'Verifying' is displayed. If you have entered all your information correctly, after a few seconds you will see checkmarks appear next to each field you entered. These checkmarks indicate your account configuration is complete and valid.

You may now exit the Settings app and load the Mail app.

For instruction on how to use the iOS Mail app, please check out Apple's online help guide found at https://support.apple.com/en-ca/HT201287

Troubleshooting FAQ

Q. I entered all my account credentials correctly, but the verification process failed. What do I do?
A. Return to the Settings app and open Mail, Contact, Calendars. Tap on the account you created. Scroll down to the bottom and tap on the Advanced button. Ensure that Use SSL is turned on, and the Server Port is set to 995 for POP or 993 for IMAP. Return to the previous screen. Tap on the SMTP button. Now tap the Primary Server button. Ensure that Use SSL is turned on, and the Server Port is set to 465.

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Q. My incoming and outgoing settings appear to be correct, as do SSL and Port settings. What do I do?
Log into, or have your mail administrator log into SmarterMail. Make sure your account has been set up correctly. If needed, perform a password reset on your account. Remember: SmarterMail Aliases and not the same as User Accounts. Aliases do not have a username or password; they are simple forwarders to a different email address.

Q. I've verified everything and all my settings look to be correct. Can you help?
Of course we can! Please visit our Contact Page and send us a message. We can also be contacted by Phone during normal business hours.

Robert Valcourt
Mar 03, 2016
By Robert Valcourt

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