Save Your Time Take Matt Cutt's Short Cuts

Sometimes someone goes ahead and creates a resource that makes you stand back and, jaw dropped open, think to yourself, "Why in the heck did I not do that?"

Then, of course, you realize that you're not crazy (in a good way) and that's why you didn't consolidate all of Matt Cutts' videos into short, snappy (sometimes one word) captions.

Matt Cutts Short Cutts

But kudos to the people at Click Consult. These guys like Matt Cutts about as much as I do, and have watched his videos to the point that it made sense to them to arrange them by tee-shirt colour.

All The Cutts, None of the Hype

You know how SEO "experts" like to spin what they do to make it sound like it's just short of nuclear physics or brain surgery?  What you get with Short Cutts is simple: Matt Cutts' videos, arranged by subject and tee shirt colour, with short, often one-word, captions underneath that summarize the entire video. 

Organized by Penalty

Say you want a good run down on Penguin, but don't feel like reading the mounds and mounds of writing out there? I can't imagine why you wouldn't, but let's just say for sake of argument that you wanted something short and to the point.

Here it is: The Short Cutts Guide to Penguin 2.0

Want more in depth information on link-building? Here are 54 videos all related to link-building, with Matt in various tee-shirt colours.

More Than You Ever Thought You Wanted To Know

At the end of the day, this is the definitive resource you always dreamed of. The videos are all laid out with Matt's cute mid-western look, tee-shirt and wholesome glasses, then a Q & A at the bottom. The questions are classic: "Should I spend time on my meta keywords?" But the answers are better: "No."

Do you really need more than that? No.

How Content Fits in to the Matt Cutts World

Content Marketing Institute did a great job of taking the Short Cutts related to content and paraphrasing them even more into 7 nuggets of wisdom. Basically, the 50+ videos that Matt has on content related SEO boil down to:

  1. Use jargon, but be clear.
  2. Content is very important. 
  3. Guest blogging is fine if you are authentic.
  4. Yes, you can compete if you're little. Just be good.
  5. My favourite: Q: "Should I spend more time fighting scrapers or improving content?"  A: Improving content.
  6. Put a fair bit of content on your homepage.
  7. Use social media. 

Are We in a Post Cutts World?

No. You know how I know? I Googled "SEO Post Matt Cutts" and all I got were a bunch of "gurus" trying to figure out what Matt really meant when he said not to write spammy guest blog posts. So much for semantic SEO, right?

I then Googled "SEO after Matt Cutts" and got similar responses. So, really, there you go: There is no post-Matt Cutts world. He's an icon. And ten years of videos are there to prove it. Check them out and let me know what you think. Especially the arranging by tee-shirt colour.


Jan 20, 2015

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