The Difference Between Leaders & Managers

A Quick Break from Web Stuff. Let's Talk Leadership!

As an owner of a small business I am continually working on improving my business. We have been in business in a very competitive business sector for almost 15 years. And we have stayed in business sometimes despite me. Without a great team we wouldn't still be around. When I come across a such a worthwhile resource about leadership that inspires me so much I just gotta learn from it and share it. I owe it to our team. So if this strikes a cord with you too please read on...

The Difference Between Leaders & Managers

So What is Leadership About? It's About Your Approach

What's the difference between being a leading versus a managing? Scott Williams outlines 10 points that distinguish leadership from management. An awesome list and video for anyone who wants to LEAD!

The Difference Between Leaders & Managers

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This Guy Knows Something. And I'm Listening!

One of Scott's best pieces of advice? "People don't want to be managed. People want to be lead." Leaders BELIEVE, ENCOURAGE, CHALLENGE and CORRECT when required. Now watch, enjoy and let Scott's message sink in!

Finished the video and want a quick review in writing? Here it is.

are about stability are about change
make rules leaders break them (for the benefit of all)
plan details set direction
execute culture shape culture
avoid conflict recognize conflict will happen and use it as an asset
take existing roads travel new roads
tell their vision sell their vision
operate with a transactional style operate with a transformational style

So what do you think? Anything that Scott missed? Any great ideas on how to maintain a leadership approach versus managing your way along with your business? Feel free to leave your comments below.

Roy McClean
Aug 14, 2012
By Roy McClean

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